“I share my discoveries with others to inspire them to make a change.”

Hi there! I am a film maker with a background in cultural anthropology. “Play no matter what!” is my first feature documentary.

I make films for children (9+). I tell small stories addressing bigger themes. My style is personal and intimate and focuses on the joy of life and the search for love and commitment. Currently I am working on an webdoc series about a top atlete in the making.

Besides the production of documentaries I work freelance as a director, videographer, editor and producer of short films for promotional, informational and educational purposes. Contractors are companies, cultural- and non-profit organisations, and educational institutes like the Amsterdam University of Arts, dutch broadcaster BNN, Milieudefensie, Blueboat, Film at School and Beroepkunstenaar.nl. I give video workshops for grown ups and children, and I organise events to bring documentary film closer to the people. Currently I started making podcasts.

I currently am working on setting up Kim’s Kids Films, focusing on the creation of high quality documentary (shorts, features, webseries) for 9+ audiences.