This morning I decided to make little tour through my own neighbourhood to see who I would bump into. I felt like writing a new story, but that would require meeting someone to frame and fit into the blogs’ theme. Funny contradiction: me writing a blog on ‘flow’ gently forcing myself onto the streets to talk to people. What followed gave me some insights in this paradox.

Back to the beginning: ik hupped outside enthusiastically. Right away I met my neighbor, he told me he felt ill, but we praised the weather and wished each other a lovely day. While we talked, we were standing in the middle of the road that was blocked by a van, I greeted the guys from DHL. A good start of my quest, I encouraged myself.

But as I walked on I immediately started to wonder about the contradiction of my action. Spontaneously go wandering and meet people. Did I actually feel like talking to strange people? I followed the sunshine and at every street corner I chose which way I wanted to go. But what do I really feel like?, a voice kept saying. And I worried a little bit about where exactly this ‘flow’ would lead me. I already thought about the next street corner up ahead, with my favorite coffee place. I feel like having a coffee sitting on a sunkissed terrace! I decided I’d keep this an option. I passed the coffee place because there was no sun. I was slightly relieved, probably because I could continue and still have a chance to meet an interesting person. I walked side by side with tourists crossing the Waterlooplein. Being a tourist in your own city on Monday morning is fun, but not if you are looking to meet locals (there was another spontaneous frame).

I arrived in the garden of the Hermitage and sat down on the terrace. Wandering the city streets and drinking coffee in the sun; I had given myself a the best present! This totally is the Monday morning flow :). Whether I will speak to people or not, maybe I should let go of this frame, I thought.
I typed it all in my phone while sipping my Macchiato. And I let go of my idea having to meet someone. I decided to write a story that might not fit perfectly in my pre-set concept.

After coffee I went back home. Just across the bridge – where two people were talking: “…yeah certain beliefs or something…”, she: … or she is polyamoric?” – I saw an old lady walking. We greeted each other and Jopie started talking. She has been living in the same house for 76 years. She wants to stay there until she dies, just like her father did, so she will never feel homesick. Here used to be the bakery and there used to be a cafe. Yes, it used to be cozy, but nowadays it is still a nice neighbourhood. And how nice you want to take a picture with me.

And look at her smile, a strong and positive lady. How nice I met her briefly this morning. Just after I’d decided to let go of this goal.