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regie – Kim van Haaster

Kaya is a 14 year old judoka living in Amsterdam. Her big dream is to be an Olympic champion. We follow Kaya during her development as top sportswoman until her (hopefully) taking part to the Olympic Games. The question is what does it take to aim for your dreams.


IK KAN NIET STOPPEN – documentaire serie

Een webserie over verslaving. Het project is geselecteerd voor de workshop Kids & Youth op Beldocs, Belgrado.




IN HAVANA (2020)
Regie – Kim van Haaster
16 min.
Spaans gesproken, Engels/Nederlands ondertiteld

Anthony, Carolina en Camilo stellen hun vriendjes en familie aan je voor en laten je zien hoe ze leven op wel heel verschillende plekken in Havana. En ondertussen horen we wat zij geloven, wat hun dromen zijn voor de toekomst en wat liefde voor hen betekent.
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Play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein

Play, no matter what!
Directed by Kim van Haaster
2014, 54 min.
Ratio 16:9, HD
Romanian & English spoken
English subtitles

Rachitoasa is the hilly hometown of Alexandra and Noni, two Romanian teenagers at the age of fourteen. There is not much else to do in Rachitoasa but to go school, work the land, help out in the household, or hang out on the streets. But one glorious day a bunch of funny looking, foreign people come to live in their village and stay a while. They turn the abandoned, and rundown school building down the road into a colorful place for them to play! Ash and Jolien and the two teenagers become friends and hand-in-hand they play and figure out what they are good at and what is valuable in life. And because play transcends language- and cultural barriers it is universal, and it turns out to be the ultimate learning tool, and the perfect escape from the reality of everyday life in Romania. The documentary “Play no matter what!” shows the joy and happiness of life, how something is made out of nothing, and how great things can be done in a very simple way.

Director & producer Kim van Haaster
Cinematographer Ernst Herstel
Boom operator Dick Fennema
Editor Marijke Noordegraaf
Sound Richard Wilder
Music Jaco Benckhuijsen
Colorist Remi Lindenhovius
Researcher & direction assistant Andreea Dumitriu

To pay for the shoot in Romania I have successfully executed a crowdfunding campaign at Cinecrowd.